BlueLine Conservation Incentives has deep roots in real estate and the beautiful commonwealth we are proud to call home, so we fully understand the economic and intrinsic value of Virginia’s rural, scenic lands.
Historically, a blue line refers to the line of demarcation for properties or regions of special scenic, environmental or historic value. When a property’s best use lies in conservation, we are here to provide reliable, streamlined services that protect our natural legacy and our clients’ financial well-being.

Through Norman Realty, we’ve worked closely with Virginia government and our region’s rural areas for more than 50 years, so we have an intimate understanding of how to establish conservation easements that are economically viable and successfully protect natural lands.

Easement Services
Through properly structured easements and Virginia’s conservation tax credit program, we help clients realize the best and most appropriate financial return for safeguarding the unique attributes of their property.

Professional Team
Taking an integrated and team approach, we have connections to the region’s most respected law firms, CPAs and appraisers to offer a thorough and professional experience that delivers a high level of easement integrity and client satisfaction.

Credit Brokerage
We market and broker excess credits to other Virginia taxpayers at a firm value that is supported by our knowledge of the Piedmont and our rigorous scrutiny to ensure accurately valued easements.

BlueLine is a natural extension of the solid experience and reputation of Norman Realty, Inc., a real estate services company that has been dedicated to realizing the best potential of Northern Virginia and Piedmont properties since 1955. 
We are committed to using our experience and connections in the region to benefit our clients and preserving the beauty of the commonwealth we are proud to call home. 

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