Brokerage Services

Land Sales

Land sales is the core of Norman Realty’s business. Across 3 generations, from farms to server farms, the company has brokered tens of thousands of acres across Virginia.  Through an in-depth understanding of the development process, Norman Realty guides its clients through the complex entitlement process, political nuance, and the metrics of local and regional submarkets.


From marketing research and lease negotiation to budgeting and construction, Norman Realty can guide landlords and tenants through all stages of leasing. From either perspective, our approach is strategic, with an eye for creative solutions that meet long-term corporate objectives.

Investment Sales

We take a highly detailed approach to investment sales, taking all variables into account as we structure deals that optimize a client’s projected return. Norman Realty believes that an understanding how a project fits into local markets is paramount in defining an asset value.